Secrets To High Performance In Financial Departments

I’m sure when a company succeeds most of us are more than eager to know their success mantras. But the winners are no fools! Why will they tell you their success formula? In a world of cutthroat competition, they’ll definitely want to stay on top. Their ‘mean’ minds will also want them to secretly desire that they are the sole survivors in their market and all their contemporaries perish. Such is this world my friend! But then all are not like that. Automotive industry financial services biggie, GSFS Group’s Director of Training and Consulting, Bart Carpenter, who’s going to be one of the leading moderators of the F& I Conference Industry Roundtable titled “Achieving High Performance in Your Finance Industry”, shares some gems of high performance that any company can follow as exemplary and improve the performance in their own finance departments. This is what GSFS feels are the keys to success.

Take Only the Top Cream

Carpenter opines, “Hiring winners and developing teams of top performers are crucial to survival in today’s challenging car industry.”

So you need to hire only the best. As times are very challenging, you cannot afford to hire average workers. At least for driving sales only the cream of any workforce will do. No second rate. If you have talent you are retained with the best salaries. But that leaves me with a question, if everybody wants a top performer then where will the average go?

Conduct Skill Upgradation Programs

Financial DepartmentsThe Training and Consulting department of GSFS imparts training in finance, sales, management and service. Training is essential to building upon the skills required to see you through. It leads to acquiring updated knowledge and perfecting the skills that are taught. A lot of inefficiency creeps in due to insufficient knowledge and perfection of skills. Clearing one’s concepts in these training programs will help in developing a sound understanding which is one of the key factors of high performance. The experience of the trainers is also a very valuable addition.

Use Recruitment Kits to Assess the Performance Level of Prospective Recruits

The Compass Team of GSFS offers a course in using interview kits which can aid you in hiring the best. These days many employers are using psychometric and aptitude testing tools to assess the performance levels of their prospective recruits. You can always filter out the less suitable according to you with the help of these aids.

So these are the success formulae that this financial services expert has conveyed to us. You can use these to find the Finance Industry very best for your industry. These are not only feasible for the financial industry but also to the entire business world. However, from personal experience, I can also say that the resume or the one-time performance of any candidate in an interview is not the only measure to test his/her abilities. A candidate might not be able to give his best shot in a single interview or assessment test. You can always offer him a job on probation and assess his performance over a period of time. Some average workers will do well for the company too. After all, every human being needs to find a job for survival in these economically pressed time. The challenge lies in not hiring the best, but getting the best of the hired.

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