How Days Of The Week Help You In Saving Money On Groceries

Summers are really unbearable for many! I remember a friend of mine who unable to tolerate the heat, went on the hottest day to the markets to buy an air conditioner. He got a beautiful piece, but that cost him a fortune. Had he predicted this and made this purchase during the winter months, he’d surely have saved a lot of currency! Best purchases are more about the timing of purchase and surprisingly, you’ll see that you save a lot in the process.

You might think that saving means restricting your expenditure. Saving money on groceries is not only about not buying things, but it’s about buying them at the right price…and when do you think you can buy something at the right price? Obviously, as you might have thought, not during any special sales or something, but at normal times when the rates are the least.  Major household appliances like computers, gas, airline tickets are sold at low prices during certain periods of the year. You should just be acquainted with these times very well. You needn’t go hunting for sales throughout the year. Here are the best times for some common purchases which you can go through. You can always take them as general tips and research about the specific time in your area.

Wednesdays for Gas

Wednesdays are the best for your weekly gas refills according to CNN study when the prices are the lowest. The report quotes, “Wednesday morning is the best time to buy gasoline according to That’s because prices Saving Money usually move up for the weekend, after which they settle, hitting the low point by Wednesday.
And it makes sense to buy your gas in the morning when it’s the coolest time of day. This is when gasoline is most dense. Gas pumps charge by the volume of gasoline, not the density, so in colder temperatures, you’ll get more for your dollar.”

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays for Airline Tickets

For holiday travelling there are some great off-season discounts! But for regular you need to watch out for certain days of the week like Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays as the rates seem to be the lowest then. Also, you can look up the revised fares on a daily basis at 10 A.M., 12:30 P.M. or 8 P.M. on working days and at 5 P.M. on weekends.

According to a Money Central Report  Neil Bainton, COO Farecompare, travel budgeting website, one should not book tickets before 90 days of travel. “You want to watch the 21-day mark because someSave Money carriers will file their lowest fares as a 21-day advance purchase. And then the next window is at 14 days, which you really don’t want to go by unless you’re feeling lucky,”

Also your ticket price depends on the availability of any competing airlines to the place you are traveling and also the price of a ticket on any particular day owing to the demand. During holidays, you’ve had it!

So choose the right day and make your purchases and have a fat wallet too!

About: Claude Ford

American economist. Nobel Laureate in Economics in 2017 for his contribution to the field of behavioral economics. Honorary Professor of Behavioral Science and Economics at the School of Business of the University of Chicago.

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