Household Appliances For The Frugal

Expenditure on household appliances is one of the major areas that you might need to slash to save your finances during these economically lean times. Here are some appliances that you can think of investing in to save up on that extra buck. Of course, initially you might have to make some investment but in the long run, you’ll be benefited.

Low flow toilets to save on water bill: Normally, your flush would use about 13 litres of water per day. But a low flush toilet will use only 6 litres. That saves up on more than half your water expenditure.

Filter water bottles in place of normal packaged water: You might be buying dozens of packaged water bottles to quench your thirst when out of the home. These bottles only add up to the disposable plastic that goes to your bin. Also, you spend a lot of money on every new purchase that you make. Instead, use a bottle with built-in filters. Fill up the bottle with any drinking water tap and the filters will purify the water for you. This is a cheaper, more convenient and eco-friendly option for you.

small household appliances.

Use a coin sorting machine in place of Coinstar: If you’ve saved money in coins, you might manually count the coins or employ Coinstar to do it for you. In the former case, you spend a lot of time and effort in counting the money and in the latter case you pay 10 % of the change for the services. Now you can avoid both by using a coin sorting machine which will count your change for you.

Use an electricity meter to measure the usage: Every electrical household appliance uses a lot of electricity unnoticed. If you measure the consumption along with the charges you’ll amaze to find how much of electricity your television, freezer, computer, washing machine and geyser are consuming. You can measure the consumption rate of each and every gadget so that you can identify the ones that are consuming the maximum energy. Don’t forget to use the meter to budget your expenses.

Use high-efficiency power supply for minimum power consumption: An electricity meter might just measure the amount of electricity your gadgets consume per day but you can never do anything to lessen the consumption. High-efficiency power supply machines regulate the flow of electrical supply to your gadgets so low flow toilets that they consume a minimum amount of power.

Use high-efficiency gadgets: High-efficiency gadgets, though a tad expensive are better than the cheaper ones in the long run as they consume less electrical energy. They save upon the consumption of water too which slashes your water bill which can be quite a bit over a period of time.

When it comes to house lighting, do it with the compact fluorescent bulbs rather than the conventional because you’ll be saving a lot of money spent on energy consumption. Program the number of times and the temperature at which your air conditioner should run in a day, so that you don’t leave it on accidentally.

Power efficient shower heads and space heaters are going to add on to the gadgets that you would want to use to budget your household expenses.

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