Hey You Bookworms, Here’s How You Can Pursue Your Passion For Cheap!

Reading books is a passion for many, but this recession might have prompted you into slashing that extra expenditure that you make on purchasing books.  Don’t worry; here are some cost-saving ways for you to pursue your intellectual interest.

Join a purchase rewards program- Barnes and Noble; Book a Millionaire, Border’s Rewards are all bookstores that offer you attractive reward programs once you buy books from them. Watch out for their coupon reward system which is going to offer you discounts. But these discounts are profitable only for regular buyers of books and not occasional purchasers. Barnes and Nobles and Book a Millionaire offer 20 % to 40 % discounts. Border’s Rewards prizes you with $5 on purchasing books worth $ 150. Along with rebates you get emails and offer letters updating you with the latest in book offers.

Make coupon code purchases. Find out the codes that are going to win you a lot of discounts and make purchase on that.  The offer is open through the 11th of November. Social networking can come to your rescue even in purchasing books like in so many other things. For example, Better World Books has come up with a 20 % discount for its fans on Facebook. So you are getting a new reason for social networking.

Commonsense should make you opt for libraries if you are a regular reader. I agree that libraries always do not have the latest books or a paperback of your exact choice, but there is a good large collection out there. Just wait a bit and you’ll get the new books provided you are one of the first ones to book them. Many libraries have upgraded their system with electronic libraries which you can use to download e-books of your choice.

Buy used copies of books. Used copies as you know are cheaper. Search for copies that are in good condition. Alibris and Cheapest Book Price are a couple of websites that you can visit to find out about best used-book deals. Libraries, most often put up their old books for sale.

Avail publisher discounts – Publishers offer discounts, at discount book dealerstimes, on old books or even new books for promotional purposes.

Exchange old titles for new ones – After you finish reading a book put it up for public offer on Title Trader, Paperback Swaps, Bookins etc. If your book is on demand, you’ll earn credits on it. The number of credits will depend on the increased demand for the book. You can use the credits to exchange old titles for some other new ones.

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