Forget All Other Shopping, Do Flu Shopping First!

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that health deserves prime importance and you cannot neglect it at any cost. You might slash down upon your festive shopping due to the economic epidemic, but you can’t probably slash down upon your health costs, especially during the flu season. You are well aware of how threatening swine flu has become to the country and along with that the seasonal flu is another threat. Nasal sprays and vaccine shots have come up to immunize you against H1N1. A host of retailers say that they can immunize you for low costs. But you simply can’t get a health job done from anywhere. You’ve got to be extra cautious in that.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that out of 2,126 cases of flu reported from the 20th -26th of September this year, only about 1 % is free of H1N1. Mandatory health care vaccination was voted down by New York healthcare professionals who feel that they should not be forced to immunize themselves with a vaccine with potential dangers.

The availability of the vaccine is also a matter causing concern. Out of the 2.4 million samples, 2.2 million have been taken by healthcare professionals. Administering vaccines is perceived as a loss by physicians. They say that they don’t make enough money by vaccinating and say that they are conducting the programs only as a public utility service. In fact health insurance plansmany of them want to stop vaccinating children with private healthcare insurances. On an average, your shot might cost $30 including the administration charges for a single dose of the vaccine. Insurance covers up 80 percent charges while copays also contribute significantly. Even the pharmacists get fewer profits by manufacturing this flu vaccine. Doctors like cash payments on this vaccination from their patients.

As it looks as though the free and subsidized vaccination is not going to be offered for long, you should assess your urgency for taking the immunity shots. For that you’ve got to assess your risk levels. If you are in the high risk group, you simply cannot avoid the vaccine. Now what is a high risk group? If you are a child or younger than 24 years old, if you are a pregnant woman, if you have generally weak immune system or if you are in contact with patients who’ve acquired the disease you should surely consider vaccinating yourself.individual health care insurance

For your flu shot, always rely on your medical practitioner. Don’t get that done at a retail store, however cheap an option it might be, unless you are sure of the quality. You simply cannot play up with your child’s health. But the services of your doctor might cost you quite a bit in terms of premium. Insured patients don’t pay anything other than the copay which might come up to $20. The cost of immunization varies, in many cases, according to the age of the child in different places. Many retail stores, in general, offer vaccination services of the same quality as a licensed healthcare centre. They have trained professionals for administering the shots. So you should not be bothered about that.

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