A comprehensive guide to cybersecurity for small and medium businesses – 2018

The security of users in cyberspace is subject to increasing number of threats. Not a day passes without news that someone hacked the next system or stole the important data. Owners or managers of small and medium-sized businesses know that cyber security in our age is a priority, and that we must pay due attention

Don’t Get Sucked In By Clever Tenants, Know Them First!

Owners have always been looked upon as monsters that are always after tenants for their payments. Being a landlord, I know what it feels like when you are labelled a cruel brute that’s insensitive to the hardships of tenants. True, many landlords are like that, but not all. These days, there are quite a few

Best Selling Books List You Could Read This Fall

Fall is the time when some really good books come your way, but coming to know the best of them takes time and effort from your end and a busy person like you might not have the time for that. Smart Money writers have done the research for you and have come up with 7