Bridle You Cable TV Expenses With These Techniques

No doubt it’s an idiot box, but it’s the major source of household entertainment. There’s no way you can escape from its attraction even though you know it costs a lot in terms of money and time. Yes! The television is such a gadget. Now, with satellite television being an almost mandatory household feature, you cannot really avoid spending a significant part of your monthly income on it. But here are ways in which you can enjoy your cable TV without burning a hole in your pocket.

Bundle up your cable services with other services from the same company if applicable. For example, take cable TV connection from your telephone and internet connection provider. When you take two or more services from the same provider you’ll be getting cable service at a lower cost.

Many cable TV companies offer more than a hundred channels and most subscribers subscribe to all of them. But do they really watch so many channels? In one particular day, I don’t get watch more than 5 -6 channels. Even amongst these, I have cable tv services favourites which I watch more than the rest. Subscribe for fewer channels and save up your money.

Pay per View programs are too costly. Especially in the case of sports events which are held frequently, you might end up paying quite a bit in this. I’d advise you to better go and watch the game live in the stadium rather than spend a huge amount of money on a Sunday Television Show Ticket. Similarly, you need not subscribe for Pay Per View movies also because it’s a more expensive option in comparison to DVD movies which you can easily hire from DVD libraries. Getting movies posted by mailing services like will also save up on a lot of money.

Save up expenses on your set-top box. Don’t spend a huge amount of money on brand new boxes for viewing HDTV or for video recording. Avail company sales on these items. Buy new at discounts or used set-top boxes from them.

Personal video recorders give you the advantage of time shifting or the facility to watch your favourite movie channels when you are in a different time zone. Also, time shifting feature saves you money that you spend subscribing for duplicate channels.

personal video recordersTalk to your cable service provider for finding out if he can offer you any discounts. Watch for any offers being given to new subscribers that are not being extended to you. Tell them that you being an old customer also deserve such perks. Before you switch over to another service provider, ask your present provider if he can accommodate your demands and then take the decision.

Along with your HDTV antenna try to catch some free channels of CTV, CBC or Global. This is being commonly practised in America these days.

Watching TV online is another option for you for viewing your favourite shows for free or for a cheaper rate. There are websites like Hulu that are trying for international viewership.

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