Don’t Get Sucked In By Clever Tenants, Know Them First!

Owners have always been looked upon as monsters that are always after tenants for their payments. Being a landlord, I know what it feels like when you are labelled a cruel brute that’s insensitive to the hardships of tenants. True, many landlords are like that, but not all. These days, there are quite a few

Bridle You Cable TV Expenses With These Techniques

No doubt it’s an idiot box, but it’s the major source of household entertainment. There’s no way you can escape from its attraction even though you know it costs a lot in terms of money and time. Yes! The television is such a gadget. Now, with satellite television being an almost mandatory household feature, you

After Cash For Clunkers, It’s Energy Star Now!

The Obama Government reminds of the good ol’ Santa Claus who doesn’t seem to tire coming up with innovative gifts for us. After Cash for Clunkers, the government seems to have come up with a new goodie in its energy efficiency motives that allow you to exchange your ‘old and nagging’ domestic appliances like a

10 Credit Card Secrets You Didn’t Know

You have probably thought of only spending money through your credit card. How about saving some money? Here are some of the secrets which you might not be aware of: Raise your Credit Limit It is hard to convince credit providers to increase your credit limit these days, due to the recession. But Ken Clark,

Secrets To High Performance In Financial Departments

I’m sure when a company succeeds most of us are more than eager to know their success mantras. But the winners are no fools! Why will they tell you their success formula? In a world of cutthroat competition, they’ll definitely want to stay on top. Their ‘mean’ minds will also want them to secretly desire

Divorce Is Expensive – Think Before You Break The Bond!

For many people, divorce is a sad thing. Either or both the partners is in an emotional trauma and as though that is not enough there are huge monetary expenses involved too. As you might have expected divorce is not like breaking with your dating or living-in partner where you just walk out of the

Dental Care a Wee Bit less Expensive Now

Next time you bite into an ice-cream and simply scream “ Aaaaaah my tooth hurts !” but feel that you’ve got to pop in some pills instead of going to a dentist as a temporary  remedy because you can’t afford the fee, just relax…there’s good news for you. It seems this recession has tamed the

Best Selling Books List You Could Read This Fall

Fall is the time when some really good books come your way, but coming to know the best of them takes time and effort from your end and a busy person like you might not have the time for that. Smart Money writers have done the research for you and have come up with 7